What’s Here

Not much,

Originally, I had envisioned using this new Internet as a good way for us to all keep in touch. It was heavy handed.. and now, not necessary, the Internet grew up and with social networks we have a way to invite people into our everyday lives in a way that this could never do.

So how did we get here? In 1999 maybe 2000, I set up the first Raymer Family website one a website called homepage.com which is long gone.. a little while after I purchased a hosted account and we had our first domain.. raymerfamily.org which was a static page, then ran PHP Nuke and which I let go in the mid 2000’s and now.. we are here.. I maintained this site from 2008 until a year or so ago and now this page is up with really no other content.

Where to find family content?
The Blog Posts are all gone. They weren’t relevant anymore.
The gallery is kind of up, but many of the photos have been moved to Facebook.
The Family Tree will stay where it is for now. I’ll let you all know if I’m going to remove it.
Other content.. it’s all still up..

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