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Family Tree gets it’s own URL

I’m restructuring the site.. which I’m hoping will simply make it a place to house our family tree and family gallery, to that effect, I’ve purchased a domain name for the family tree webpage. will now resolve to the page, the previous one will work but give you google map api errors.

07 Jan 12 Todd

Whats up with all these Gallery Emails?

Whats all this then?
You may notice emails arriving in your inbox telling you that you have been tagged, this isn’t spam, it’s a notification from the Gallery3 system we have installed at, as I or other volunteers go thru and tag faces and make accounts, you may recieve dozens of these messages a day […]

18 Mar 11 Todd

October is Bully Prevention Month

Sarah Brought this to my attention:
October is Bully Prevention Month.  Cartoon Planet has put up a page to help parents and kids understand how to stop or prevent bullying.

05 Oct 10 Todd

New Feature: Like Button

I’ve added a like button below for Facebook users, when you click like it will post it to your facebook page 😀 So get to clickin!

11 Aug 10 Todd

Obituary: Jimmy Raymer

Jim Wayne Raymer
Published: Wednesday, March 3, 2010 10:27 AM EST
Jim Wayne Raymer, age 63, died peacefully at his home early on the morning of February 27, 2010 with his wife and son at his bedside.
Although he was a native of Nashville,Tenn., Mr. Raymer lived most of his adult life in North Georgia. He made Dahlonega […]

27 Jul 10 Todd

Ala True Storey born

Jeannie and Tracey had their baby, Ala True Storey was born on Thursday the 27th around 5:13pm. The baby weighed about 7lbs, and was 20.5 inches long.

Baby is healthy and from all I’ve heard everyone is doing fine.
For more pics see Jeannie’s facebook.. and Kelly’s facebook… and uh.. well just about everyone else who is […]

30 May 10 Todd

PC Survey

I’m trying to figure out how to best gather info from you all concerning family tree data and photos.. and videos.. and whatever..

28 Apr 10 Todd

Hmm. ok yeah this turned out to be a rant.

I know I don’t post alot here anymore, but with sites like Facebook, and my other sites I really haven’t had the urge too.. So.. I’m gonna clear up some things:
The Site
Will stay up of course.  I however am trying to find a reason to keep putting things on it. It’s a dance between privacy […]

28 Apr 10 Todd

Wedding Pictures!

Kelly sent me the wedding pics and I uploaded them to the new gallery.. (click on the image below or click here.)

I’ll upload some more tonight that she called her “Chosen” pictures.. they all look really nice.

01 Apr 10 Todd

Timmy Surgery is ok.

I’m not sure quite what the surgery was but.. according to Tammy thru Facebook, her brother Timmy had surgery, if you recall he was having issues in December he apparently had another surgery on the 2nd and they were hoping to let him go home today. Please Keep him and his wife in your prayers. […]

03 Mar 10 Todd

Jimmy Raymer Passed away

“Dear Todd
Last night around 10:30 Aunt Judy called me and said that Uncle Jimmy wasn’t doing very well. He died somewhere around 12:15 or so. I will probably be going to GA today with Aunt Wanda and others. I know you do not believe in prayer but in your own way please pray for […]

27 Feb 10 Todd

Try the new Gallery!
I’ve uploaded the new Gallery Software, it’s in RC right now.. so it’s not live.. but it’s great.. it supports better uploading… faster pages.. embedded video..

24 Feb 10 Todd

We Gots a Letter..

The Family Tree Site is back.. and I thought I’d share with you an email we got from a member of the Demonbreun Family:
“Hello, I am writing to you regarding the Demonbreun Family Tree I found recently. I was stunned, to say the least, to have found this priceless history about my family. I am […]

17 Feb 10 Todd

Site redesign for 2010

So.. Facebook.. I loves me some face book..
Facebook has made me realize we don’t need the Raymerfamily page for as much as we used too.. with the ability to post what you want individually on facebook, it’s not going to be able to compete.. So.. here are my ideas on what we will do […]

29 Dec 09 Todd

Bah.. Family tree Broken.

I upgraded the Family Tree software and it broke.. I’m working on repairing it, but until it’s done it’s going to be down.

29 Dec 09 Todd

Tim Raymer needs your prayers.

I was just informed that our cousin Tim Raymer has fallen on some hard times due to medical reasons.
His wife has been in and out of the hospital for a while now and was recently diagnosed with Cancer again, and to make matters worse Tim started having some severe heart problems and has had […]

10 Dec 09 Todd

The Wedding

I’m posting this on GLT and RF.
So the Plans are like this: If you’ve gotten your invite coolio.. if you haven’t and you are coming.. please for the love of god call me or email me. 402-580-3672
The wedding will be @ The Del Ray Ball Room which is located here:
817 R Street Lincoln NE […]

29 Oct 09 Todd

Bridging the Gaps

I’ve been working on this Family Tree now for a solid year and some change, recently I’ve been contacting people directly to fill out the gaps of what I’m missing, and I’ve also been using previously unavailable information to gain insight on things it would seem that very few people knew.
I’ve made some discoveries that […]

22 Oct 09 Todd

Goodbye rfForums

I just wiped out the forums, who knows, maybe someday I’ll bring that feature back but I think I’ll wait for them to be actually needed this time.

22 Oct 09 Todd

rfForums shutdown!

Due to lack of interest in the Forums I’m going to remove them on the last week of October..
Can’t see a reason to keep them around if the only person posting or reading them is me.

07 Oct 09 Todd

Our Registry

We didn’t really inform people about any registry we made for the wedding.. and we thought it was bad form to include any in invitations..
We are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and Target
We sent out invites a few weeks ago I wish more of you could come, but I kind of expected turnout to […]

05 Oct 09 Todd

Wedding Invites have been sent.

We mailed out invites this weekend, if you are in nashville, I only sent them to people I knew were coming.
So.. if you intend to come.. and I don’t know about it.. you better speak up asap!

21 Sep 09 Todd

Last Call for Wedding Invites!

If you’ve been under a rock:
Sydney and I are getting married on October 31st in Lincoln NE at the Del Ray Ballroom.
If you wish to attend keep in mind it’s a 12 hour drive, but some people are already coming from Nashville so you stand a good chance of being able to tag along.
I need […]

29 Jul 09 Todd and & Facebook

You may now log in to the Family Website and my own website using your Facebook username and password, I’m working on setting it up for Myspace.
** this is only for the blog portions of these sites, I’m working on logins for the gallery, the forums, and all the rest.

29 Jul 09 Todd

Mom is selling her convertable PT

Mom is selling her convertable PT which has 37k miles on it for $10,500.
If you’re interested or know someone who might be, her number is 615-251-6863.

22 Jul 09 Todd

Good Trip.. and you pry missed it..

This weekend I was in Nashville, I dropped off Sarah and we had a Family Reunion of sorts.
We’ve decided that this is gonna be a Yearly thing.. and that it may not be on the 4th.. but it’s a good weekend to have it.
I’ll have pics up soon, and thanks to people who came and […]

07 Jul 09 Todd

Link to the Family Reunion ON Facebook..

Facebook | First Annual Raymer Family Reunion.

18 Jun 09 Todd


Family Reunion will be on the 4th of July @ Bettye’s House… ALL ARE INVITED.

18 Jun 09 Todd

Memorial Day!

Fine yes… it’s already over.. but what did you do?
Leave a Comment here or in the Forums!
I went to the Zoo Yesterday.. and my leg is on FIRE from all the walking.. I should really get back in shape again.

26 May 09 Todd

Server Moved..

But not everything is perfect yet.. the Gallery is missing a compnonent called imagemagick, so some thumbnail images aren’t displaying.. when the host has that fixed.. then you will see them
The Mailing list is also working again.

23 May 09 Todd

Moving Servers…

The folks at are being cool enough to move us from one server to another as the server they have us on has an issue.
The site might be down for about 4 to 12 hours or so.. possibly longer.

20 May 09 Todd

Site Errors

You may find that some parts of teh Site are slow, and you might get “Error 500” Internal Server Error
This i am told is being addressed by the Host.

14 May 09 Todd

Camping Trip = Off, Family Reunion = July 4th

I’ve just decided to set a date for the Family Reunion..
July 4th of this Year I’ll be in Nashville to get Simon and Viv from my mother.. and I decided this would be a fine day to have a family reunion..
I’ll post details on Food and where we are going to have it.. Please pass […]

13 May 09 Todd

What Internet Browser are you using?

This is very very important. If you are using Internet Explorer Version 6 or lower.. you are at serious risk of malware or virus infection.
To find out which version you have click on HELP , then click on About Internet Explorer you should see the version number.. if it is 7 or 8 for now […]

12 May 09 Todd

Tony and Merritt had a new Baby!

OK.. so I didn’t find out until this morning.. but.. I was informed earlier today that Merritt gave birth the happy healthy baby boy named Patrick Howard:
Tony and Merritt had a 7lb 8.1oz baby boy last night at 7:37 pm.  Both are doing well.  Tony called me about 4:00 pm, they had been at the […]

11 May 09 Todd

Meeting # 2 WASHOUT

If  a Meeting is held and noone attends did it happen? No. <– meeting notes.
I’m just setting a date:
Camping is Off.. lack of interest and global economic meltdown.
Fam Reunion is now set to July the 4th Weekend..

10 May 09 Todd

Windows 7 and my blog.

The Windows 7 Release Candidate is out, and even though I’m a mac and linux fanboy.. I installed it to review it..

Oh.. and I have my own blog.. It’s been up for a couple of weeks.

07 May 09 Todd

Family Meeting Rescheduled…

I think.. I’ve failed here.
Being 800 miles away and hoping to have the internet bridge my gap to you isn’t enough.. I dunno.. I’ll have to figure that out..
Email isn’t enough to call a meeting, only phone calls work, so I’ve postponed the Family Meeting to plan the upcoming Family Reunion until next week the […]

02 May 09 Todd

Sarah’s Girl Scout PSA

Sarah’s Girl scout troop made a PSA

23 Apr 09 Todd

Sydney in local Lincoln News

Among her many talents.. Sydney is an Ice Skater. Every Year she skates at the only Ice Rink in town called the “ICE BOX” every year they put on a show and this year she did a solo and was interviewed by the paper 🙂
Click here to see the Story from the Journal Star’s Website.
I’ll […]

22 Apr 09 Todd

Family Meeting #2 May 2nd

Not too much to talk about here:
#1 The Site upgrade The site was recently upgraded and what that means to you.
#2 The Family Reunion Picnic Some basic planning for the reunion.
#3 Talk about the Family Camping Trip.. I need a headcount.. or I’ll never get it off the ground.
MEETING WILL BE @ on May […]

21 Apr 09 Todd

Call For Easter Pics.

I know this last weekend wasn’t much for fun..
But I’d like pics and stories if you don’t mind 🙂
You can log in and upload your pictures here:
And please visit the forums and tell us what you did for Easter!

15 Apr 09 Todd


If you are under a rock, you might not have heard, but last week Harold “Skipper” Phillips died, it was sudden and a shock to everyone.
Funeral Info (From Kelly via Facebook)
Uncle Skipper will be at the Anderson and Garrett Funeral home in Joelton from 3p-8p. He then will be at the Scottsboro Baptist […]

15 Apr 09 Todd

A Visual Guide to Deflation

Deflation – The Opposite of Inflation. How It Can Grind the Economy to a Halt | Blog | Personal Finance News & Advice.
You have to see the link above.. it explains the situation with the economy.. and what will have to happen in order to fix the fix we are in.

09 Apr 09 Todd

Be careful at the ATM

We take ATM machines for granted.. I know not many of us has to to use them anymore, seeing as they are all about cash in a society that accepts your debit or credit card everywhere.. But latley there has been talk about people attaching devices to ATM machines to steal your PIN and your […]

09 Apr 09 Todd

Recycling Part 3 of 3

Finally I’ve gotten around to typing up part 3, which is the easiest part of my little Essay about Recycling..
So you’ve saved and sorted a pile of stuff thats recycleable, What do you do with it?
There are many things you can do, some are cheap, most are free.. you will have to cope with […]

08 Apr 09 Todd

Recycling Part 2 of 3

If you want to start recycling your going to have to consider whats involved, if your going to drop off your recycling, you may be able to sort it when you get there.. even if you have quite a bit of it to sort through.
How to Get Started
First lets tackle the Why you need […]

03 Apr 09 Todd

Recycling Part 1 of 3

Possibly my whole adult life I’ve been at least wanting to recycle.. trying to find ways to do it.. occasionally making efforts, usually falling behind on promises I’d made to myself to keep recycling..
Due in large part to my soon to be wifey.. I’ve been able to succeed in Recycling.
I thought I’d share what […]

02 Apr 09 Todd

Easter Update

Easter is April 12th this year and I’m being informed it will be at Wanda’s House.. so.. bring your kids!

27 Mar 09 Todd

Woo Linked up!

I’ve got the Site linked to TwitterFeed which is linked to Twitter.. which is linked to Facebook.. 😀

27 Mar 09 Todd

Forums.. Back Online.

I’ve reinstalled the Forums and Reloaded the Data into a fresh Database..
Your Usernames and Passwords will now work on that site.. 🙂

23 Mar 09 Todd

bah.. forums are hosed.

I discovered that the forums were using the WordPress DB to authenticate off of.. so.. I have to restore all that..
so.. Forums are down till i get around to fixing it.
Growing pains stink.
Wanna test some fun stuff out tho?
I’ve thought about setting up a Social Network as a replacement for the front […]

20 Mar 09 Todd

Site Upgrade complete..

Looks like I still have a few bugs left, but the blog is restored, the only part that didn’t make it was the “WPG2” plugin and the mod_rewrite support for the gallery.. but the gallery is STILL up.
I may weigh my options there..
Gallery3 is coming soon.. and I know you guys will love it once […]

20 Mar 09 Todd

I’m Officially Getting Married..

in Lincoln, NE.. on Halloween.. @ the Del Ray Ball Room!
I’d love for everyone to come.. and need a serious idea of who’d like to make the 12 hour car trip just to see me get hitched!
I made a forum post.. please leave a comment there or here..
or email or call me.. my info […]

16 Mar 09 Todd

Using the Raymerfamily Blog

Note: If you click on the it will play the video “Fullscreen”

09 Mar 09 Todd

How to use the Family Tree Page

Note: If you click on the it will play the video “Fullscreen”

07 Mar 09 Todd

Family Traning WEBinar.. Canceled!

I’ve decided to cancel Saturday’s Training Session.. and instead produce Training Screencasts.. which you can watch over and over till you know how to do stuff 🙂
Look for the first one soon!!

26 Feb 09 Todd

Family Training!

RaymerFamily Website Training begins this weekend!!
To sign up please leave a comment on the forum post, leave a comment below, or send me an email..
I will need your email address to send you an invite.
The training will be Saturday the 28th @ 3pm

23 Feb 09 Todd

If you missed it…

The Family Meeting was Saturday, thankyou to all who came.
I announced in person the Reunion, which will be in June, the Camping Trip which will be in July and the Online Family Training which will start this weekend.
I placed a transcript of the Chat here:
The next online meeting will be in May and I’ll place […]

23 Feb 09 Todd


The 1st
will be TODAY!!
Feb 21st 7:30pm
If you need details please visit the link:

17 Feb 09 Todd

Family Meeting Date Announced!

I’ve set the Date and Time for the Online Family Meeting to Feb 21st, at 7:30pm I’ll be on starting before 6:30 if you wanna hop on. for details. – for the agenda for the meeting.
See you there!

05 Feb 09 Todd

New Announcements!

Sooo.. some of you know from the forums and from me yapping that I’d like to arrange 2 events this year, a family reunion picnic, and a family camping trip!
Well during my planning I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if we could just get together and talk?”
To facilitate this, I’ve setup a chat room, […]

31 Jan 09 Todd

Transfer From Flickr to Gallery!

If you have a Flickr account to store pictures, you can now transfer those to the Gallery!

29 Jan 09 Todd

Help! for the “Family Tree” Updated.

I know it’s a big mystery about just what the Family Tree page does and how to use it, so I updated the HELP! page for it 🙂
You can use your regular login to get into the Family Tree Page.
If you have any questions email or call me

28 Jan 09 Todd

New theme.. New Forum.

I got all.. “Todd wants to integrate crap” last night..
So I changed the Site “Theme” to what you see around 🙂
I also removed the old phpbb forums (which are a bit hard to use unless your a forum guy) and installed bbpress, which is integrated into the Blog Site.
Yes you already have a login to […]

21 Jan 09 Todd

Lost Pics Found!

So I was rooting around some of my boxes this weekend looking for some software, and I find a cd loose in a box titled “Backup 4 March 2003”, it’s my handwriting.. so I pop it in my monster.. and I take a gander..
Low and Behold.. a treasure trove.. I added about 300 pics from […]

19 Jan 09 Todd

CookBook Added.

I’ve added a Cook Book to hold our family recipes.
Got something you’d like to put on it 😀
You can either make an account or email me with the recipe (include a photo if you can) and I’ll put it up 🙂

13 Jan 09 Todd


I’ve just discovered that the Gallery wasn’t showing the NEW pics unless you logged into it. 🙂
I’ve corrected that issue.
You may now view the pictures without logging into the site.

08 Jan 09 Todd

Wow.. Good Job!

I have 2 announcements to make.
First, in the past 24 hours, and using the “New” method of uploading, different family members have added over 1000 new pictures to the photo Gallery!
Thats Fantastic! Thankyou to Matt & Laura, Kelly, Sydney, and Tony.
I’m trying to bring more of you on board as the weeks go […]

06 Jan 09 Todd

Open the Floodgates!

So.. New Pics!
I made some calls and walked Tony and Kelly thru the new upload process. Then I walked them thru uploading some pics.
Sydney and I also uploaded some.
View and enjoy! and please please.. UPLOAD YOUR PICTURES

06 Jan 09 Todd

The New way to upload pics to the Gallery!

So I’ve written up instructions.. SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS.. on how to upload your pics to the website using ONLY.. Windows XP and your username and password.
It’s probably the easiest way to upload pics now 🙂
*Update* if you are using Windows Vista I’ve made instructions for you as well
Click here to see […]

01 Jan 09 Todd

Phone Book!

I added a repository of Phone Numbers and Email addresses and I need your help to keep it up to date!
Visit it here:
I’ve password Protected this Page, if you’ve gotten an email then you can get the password there.
If you haven’t email me or call / text me

30 Dec 08 Todd

Back In Lincoln

For those of you who missed it.. I was in Nashville this weekend, for a TEEEEEENY amount of time.. only several hours. I drove 12 hours there.. and 12 hours back.. in ONE weekend.. and Survived.
Thanks for everyone who showed up @ China Pan.

29 Dec 08 Todd

Merry Christmas Raymerfamily!

I’d like to do some reminding, some wishing, and some random linking..
I’d like to REMIND you all that xmas is over Judy’s house. If you have no idea where Judy is.. please.. Call another Family member or call me if you must 402-580-3672
I’d like to Announce that on the 27th I’ll be in town for […]

24 Dec 08 Todd

Sites Upgraded!

I’ve upgraded nearly all of the Software that’s on the site, for those of you who actually use the site, one of the most dramatic changes is the Slideshow feature in the Gallery.
Please check it out 🙂
Gallery Slideshow of Eme!

15 Dec 08 Todd

Amy Had her Baby!!

I’m told that last night at 2:36am Eme Mikiah Elizabeth Sinor was delivered by cesarean!
I lifted these Pics From Kelly’s Myspace page..
Amy had her little girl on 12-12-08 at 2:36am. Her name is Eme, she is 21 1/4in long and 7lbs. 9oz (give or take some oz). She is so beautiful and sweet. I am […]

12 Dec 08 Todd

Xmas Eve to Be had at Judy’s House.

The following changes are for this year only, I’m told.
Christmas Eve Gathering will be @ Judy’s house.
Christmas Morning Brunch will still be @ Bettye’s House.

10 Dec 08 Todd eMail Group Launched!

Communication is somthing our family needs, I’ve known that my entire life, that after all is why I started this Family website.
To Aid our communication I’ve tried to make this site a. Usable, b. Easy to Navigate, and c. Collaborative. I’ve worked on it for nearly a decade now, and I refuse to quit […]

09 Dec 08 Todd

Xmas 2008 List is up!

Thanks to Kelly Phillips for sending this to me.. , normally I’m actually there to get it myself, but alas..
I’m looking for the old ones in my old files.. if I have em.. I’ll post them up someplace.

30 Nov 08 Todd

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Turkey Day Raymer Family!
As always, the annual Turkey Day Festivities will be had over Wanda’s House.. you should already know the way.
As is the usual custom, the “List” is made today. Normally I’m usually involved in some way or another, but alas.. I’m not longer in Tennessee, so I can’t participate, However.. […]

27 Nov 08 Todd

Welcome Barack Obama as President!

So I don’t want to start a political discussion, I’m happy to see Mr. Obama as our New Pres.. but to celibrate I decided to write a small story about our First President, and a note of how elections USED to go.
My First little bit of info is simple.. when asked WHO ran the […]

05 Nov 08 Todd

Update on Amanda and Baby From Laura (via Myspace)

Just to let everyone know, my sister Amanda, had her baby boy at 5:18pm yesterday!! He was 8lbs. and 14.3 ounces!!! 21 inches long! He is a big boy!! It was a great day!!!
We are still trying to add onto my parents house for Amanda and her now 6 children. […]

23 Oct 08 Todd

Amanda having baby.. brb :)

I’ve gotten word that Amanda is currently in the Hospital, they’ve induced her baby (who I’m supposing was far too stubborn to leave her womb of its own accord.. ) I’ve got no details on which hospital but I imagine you can find more information by contacting the Normal Channels 🙂

22 Oct 08 Todd

Amy is having a Baby Shower!

Amy and Tommy (if you haven’t already heard) are having a baby girl 🙂
The shower will be on Oct. 25th @ 2pm at Eye Model Studios, on 524b 2nd Ave.

here is a link to the invitation
Please RSVP to Fairlight (contact info is on the invitation)
I will sadly not be able to attend […]

15 Oct 08 Todd

Photo Project

I like Pictures.. (and videos) and I love my family (obviously.. or else I’d have never put up this site.. )
I want your pitcures..
I’d like to start a project to get at your precious photographs.. I know all of you have digital camera’s and you have pics on your hard drive just […]

13 Oct 08 Todd

New Pics Added.

I added a few hundred pictures to the Gallery this weekend, these were restored from mom’s laptop, and I’d just never gotten around to uploading them (that and I had no idea the gallery software on the site was kinda broken )
Please visit the Gallery and if you have anything to add.. please do so!
Click […]

12 Oct 08 Todd

Some Pics and Video’s of my KC Renn Fest!

I’m playing with some new way’s to add video to the site..
This method is actually hosted ON the site itself as opposed to on a service like YouTube (which we also use)
Pics.. are here 🙂

05 Oct 08 Todd

Monster…. LIVES!

In October of last year I built a massive Gaming PC.. it was fantastic.. Dual 19″ monitors, Quad Core Processor, 4 Gigs of Ram and a Terabyte of storage, Life was good..
In January I noticed a Noise.. and i found a broken fan, which a month or so later I swapped out.. and then […]

03 Oct 08 Todd

Family Site begs for attention…

So, a few weeks ago I added the “Forums” to the site to help with interfamily communication, and.. every day I’ve visited it.. but alas.. noones even read it.
if you don’t know how to use the Forums.. please leave a comment. and as always.. if you need accounts just look below for the […]

29 Sep 08 Todd

How to add Pictures to the Site

I’ve made a FAQ page to educate about how to upload pics to the directory.
Click HERE or visit the “FAQ / Help” Under the Raymerfamily Sites menu to the right.

14 Sep 08 Todd

Account Creation Update

Ok.. so..
If you want an account here.. please just email me here, and I’ll have to manually create your accounts on the main site here, the gallery, the forums, and the familytree..
Please include:
Your Name
Your Email (in case it’s different than what your emailing me with)
Your Desired username
Your desired password

13 Sep 08 Todd

Site Freeze <3

Ok.. so not many of you voted.. but it seems like I’ve added Enough features to the site.. lets now work on Content..
I ask of all of you 3 things:
#1 Please Visit the Forums, sign up for an account and post..
#2 Please get your Pics together.. we are going to be contacting you..(yes […]

12 Sep 08 Todd

On My Way Back..

So.. I WAS in Nashville for almost 24 hours, and in that time I got to see Simon and Viv, who have grown a bit in the 3 months since I’ve seen them last… they really did miss me alot.. I also got to do some work on the Family Tree Site I just set […]

08 Sep 08 Todd

Stuck in an Airport waiting to fly to Nashville..

So.. I followed the signs in Omaha to the Airport here.. and guess what.. the major highway going TO that airport.. closed.. so I follow the “detour” and at the last minute the signs say “next right for detour” and I turn right.. and BAM..
So.. I was late to the airport and coincendentally my […]

07 Sep 08 Todd

Pics Added!!

I added some Renn – fest Pics

Some are from the Nashville Renn Fest in may and some are from the Kansas City Renn Fest I just attended.
I will be in Nashville Next sunday night (late) and leaving next Monday morning (not late)
I have NO CLUE.. if I’ll have time to do anything.. so don’t get […]

03 Sep 08 Todd

Off To KC!

We are off to Kansas City! There is a Renaissance Festival that lasts nearly 2 months there every year, and I have heard it’s just fantastic.. also.. Sarah is gonna be there!!! It’s her 9th Birthday today and Stas has driven her up to meet us at the festival!!!!

I’ll take pics for you all this […]

29 Aug 08 Todd

Site Fixed.. lol

So.. if you’ve ever had issues trying to get to the Site.. meaning it was just unreachable, that was fixed this morning, I finally figured out that there must be a problem and put in a ticket with the Host and they found a DNS problem (just like i told them there was), also I […]

27 Aug 08 Todd


Please Join the Forums 🙂
You can find links on the right of the main page to both a help section and a link to the forums.
or.. Click this:
Participation is required for success, and resistance is FUTILE!

24 Aug 08 Todd

Belated Birthday..

I have this here for 2 reasons..
#1. This site technically turned one years old on 8/14 or so.. Happy birthday Raymerfamily Version 3.0
#2. I’d like to make a birthday page.. again… 🙂 by this weekend I may have some of the data i need.. but I need updates, we’ve had babies and new additions […]

23 Aug 08 Todd

Faq Added

I’ve added a Frequently Asked Questions area to the Site.. you can see it if you glance to your Right over here –>
It’s not complete.. but I’ve got started on it.. with how to make an account on the main site.
Share and enjoy

21 Aug 08 Todd

Memorial Pages

Read my Page announcement here:
Todd has plans..

19 Aug 08 Todd


So.. I finally got around to implementing Forums again, the address for these is @, you WILL have to have a seperate log in to the front part (i.e. This part… which is WordPress) I can of course be counted on to reset passwords and usernames.
I’ve been working on a “FAQ” which I’ll […]

18 Aug 08 Todd

Adding Items to the Site.

So.. For what seems like.. YEARS now.. because it has in fact been YEARS now.. I’ve asked you.. the reader.. the Family member to please contribute to the Site. I know I make decisions like.. what software the site runs, and yes I do know how everything works better than anyone, but thats not the […]

14 Aug 08 Todd

New!! /woo!

So.. New Job 🙂 I work for a company called “First Data” who does somthing with Transactions for Credit cards or somthing.. I have no idea what they actually do.. I do help desk.. it’s a pretty good job so I’m pretty glad about it.
ALSO new..
I’m looking for ways to get you guys interested in […]

25 Jul 08 Todd

All moved in..

Im all moved in, I got a mattress for a great price locally here in Lincoln, and I had enough out of what i budgeted to get a spiffy dining room set on sale at the same place. 🙂
Im trying to get by using my Cel.. but sadly.. AT&T sucks out here.. so I’ve ordered […]

14 Jun 08 Todd

Im officially…

In NE. (pronounced NO-braska)
My arrival was so cool.. three tornadoes touched down almost as soon as I got into town.
But ALAS we beat the storm.. and didn’t die.
We are safe and available via Stas’ Phone.

11 Jun 08 Todd

Official Move Date for Todders

My official move date is the 11th of June 🙂
If anyone wants to hang out with me from saturday to the 10th.. please speak up asap, else I may not see you for a while

05 Jun 08 Todd

I’m Mooving

So.. just incase you haven’t heard already.. I’m moving to Nebraska in June (June 13th-ish to be exact. um.. ish)
Not to place details here.. but I thought I’d let you all know.
I will still be running the site, and I will depend on you all to tell me when you’d like things placed on it.. […]

24 May 08 Todd

Funeral Arrangments and Visitation for Jody Phillips

Jody’s Visitation will be held at Cheatam County Funeral Home (click for map)
Tuesday is 4:00 to 8:00
Wednesday is 3:00 to 8:00
Thursday is the funeral and it will be held at Joelton First Baptist Church Joelton Church of Christ (click for map) across from Joelton Middle at 1:00.
Donation information for the Family:
Donation boxes were placed at:
Lewis […]

20 May 08 Todd

RIP Jody Phillips

If you havent heard yet, Jody Phillips died last night suddenly, I have very Few details but I’ve been given info that Laura Cox is taking donations for the family, there was no life or medical insurance for Jody.
There is an account at Regions Bank for Amanda Phillip if you’d like to deposit my […]

19 May 08 Todd

OLD NES pics uploaded..

I’m not sure if papaw is in any of these.. I never saw him younger than 50.

28 Feb 08 Todd

Video and Picture’s for Family Gatherings!

Ok.. here we go:
I need pics… and I need Video.. and I don’t want to spend my Time being Freaking Fellini.
I’m proposing 4 things:
#1 If you bring a Video Camera.. you leave your tape with me, I will dump it and give it the tape back.
#2 If you take pics with a Digital Camera.. I […]

19 Feb 08 Todd

Xmas DVD available

I’m sorry this took so long..
If you want a Xmas or Thanksgiving DVD please email me.. and I’ll make you some. I’ll have several of each available Easter i’m sure.
Just email me @
or.. better yet.. make an account here and leave a comment!

19 Feb 08 Todd

Gallery Permissions Updated..

If you are in the Phillips OR Wittenmeier Family.. and you’ve made an acct.. you now have access to upload to those Galleries.. if your are in ANY family.. all you have to do is make an acct. here on this site.. and I will move your permissions over to your family album..
I’d like to […]

14 Feb 08 Todd

Todd hasn’t Forgotten..

I’ve just been super busy.
Xmas Video is downloaded to my iMovie.. I just havent gotten a chance to edit it..
Hey you know what YOU can do in the meantime??
Go here: and make an account.. then TELL me.. and I’ll give you permissions on your “FAMILY’s” Gallery.. and the “Gatherings” areas so you can upload […]

14 Feb 08 Todd

Xmas Video SOON

And a PLEA for your pics and Videos please. Just come over and give em to me.. email if you wish.. Bring your DV camera.. or hand me your tape.. I will do all the work..
Todders Needs more content to feed a hungry family.
**UPDATE** No video tonight Sorry.. I was up late helping Sarah with […]

04 Feb 08 Todd
25 Jan 08 Todd

Thanksgiving DVD’s Available

The Footage I shot for Turkey Day 07 has been edited and placed on a DVD.. it can be veiwed on any DVD player.
Email Me for your Copy..
These are of course.. Free.
Todd DeVille

22 Jan 08 Todd

Xmas 2007 Pics Posted

I posted all the pics I took.. please.. log in and post the ones You took!
-Toddrick Bartholemew XIV

14 Jan 08 Todd

*Update* Family Camping Trip

Were Planning for the camping trip to be sometime between April and June.. with a Family reunion sometime in the summer.
I’ve made a Poll.. please CLICK HERE and Vote!!

*I had to redo the poll lol i didn’t make it private.. ooops!*
Providing shelter to fast women since 1994.

12 Jan 08 Todd Myspace Page.

Since I know some of you looove myspace.. and i know you may see i’m a little.. um addicted, I made a myspace page, complete with Flash powered news feed from this site.
Send an invite to
I’ll post bulletins whenever I update the site.
State Warlus Wrestling Champion 1980

24 Dec 07 Todd

Planning: Family Camping Excursion 2008 *updated*

I’d like to get a Yearly camping trip started.

Please lets all discuss and Kelly, I think are gonna do it without yall if noone comes.. and let me tell you.. that kinda makes us the cool kids.. and you know you wanna be like the cool […]

15 Dec 07 Todd

Woe to the SuperMall Santa:

I found a list.. and checked it twice, and found some Santa’s that you can see are too Nice.
Click here for more Info:


14 Dec 07 Todd

Xmas 2007

The Xmas List is Online..
Here or Here as a File in Excel (you may also use‘s Calc to open it)
Pics and Video of Turkey day coming SOON!

22 Nov 07 Todd

Turkey Day is Upon Us!

I’d like to remind all of you (as if i have to..) that Turkey Day is Thursday! And you and all you love are invited to Wanda’s for our usual get together..


21 Nov 07 Todd


I changed the Forums software.. now all you have to do is make an account on this Blog Software here.. and you can use the Forums here and only log into one place.
If that wasn’t COOL enough for you.. I posted a Video about a Tree we knocked down a few weeks ago.


15 Nov 07 Todd

What is the Wiki?

Wow.. how do i explain the Wiki..
ok. lets say we have a room with 50 people in it.. all trying to define a thing.. they all have a good idea of what it is.. but maybe no single one of them has the whole answer.. so..
someone gets out a sheet of paper.. and passes it […]

13 Nov 07 Todd


So.. I installed forums on our site.. it’s reall not a place for things to tell everyone.. but i’d Love to see them used..
I know it looks strange.. and many of you may not be used to a Forum.. but if everyone were to use it you’d see it’s a worthwhile edition to […]

12 Nov 07 Todd

Madison’s Birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Madison.. the party was cool.. there was Video..
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Pics are here.. not many feel free to upload more if you wish.
.. Indicentally.. if anyone has videos or pics they’d like to post.. Send me a mail here at and i will help you do it.

11 Nov 07 Todd

How to write for the Site..

Got something you’d like to post??
I’d love to see the following here…
Reviews of Movies, Music, Shows and Events..
Birthday Plans..
Holiday Information..
Family News..
Links to Other Sites that are Appropriate or worth Mentioning to the Family..
It’s Easy to do.. Step 1 is Registering with the Blog.. you can do that Here, after you register.. I’ll set you up […]

10 Nov 07 Todd

2007 Holiday Update.

First of all.. though it MISSED getting a post.. there was a most awesome and successful Halloween party at the Farmhouse (aka the Wittenmeier Household) on the 27th.. so much so, that Mom wants to have it next year! the emphasis is on Kids.. there was a Haunted Trail.. a Bonfire.. Apple Bobbing.. I […]

07 Nov 07 Todd

What I’d have liked to have said..

I was too broken up at the funeral to stand up and say anything.. and when I’m nervous I try to be funny.. and i couldn’t bare to have people see me make a joke and sob like a baby in under 2 minutes.
I am my fathers son.. I hear it form everyone now how […]

31 Aug 07 Todd

A request to the family for content.

I know you ALL love this site.. well or WILL..
What I am going to ask you is simple.. we need:

People to make accts on the forums.
Pictures for the Gallery
and I need you to spread the word.

I am also in need of any content.. if you blog anywhere else, please.. make an acct on the wordpress […]

29 Aug 07 Todd

Tuckered out.. but ready for the months and years to come.

On behalf of the Wittenmeier Family.. I’d like to thank you all for your kind words and prayers this past week.. our fathers passing was sudden and some of us still haven’t felt the reality of the situation.
Tomorrow we will lay pops to rest.. then we will get some rest ourselves, and then start […]

23 Aug 07 Todd

Funeral Arrangments.

Anderson & Garrett Funeral Home Joelton, TN from 2pm to 8pm Tuesday and Wednesday.
East Nashville Free Will Baptist Church. (corner of Fatherland and 10th Street)
Visitatation starts at 10am and the Service 11am Thursday.
I can be reached on my cell at 615-585-0829.

21 Aug 07 Todd

And babies just fall from the sky…

Well noone expected this week i tell you..
Kim Davenport and Kelly Phillips have been pregnant for what seems like forever.. and although the due dates were far apart.. it seems like these babies wanted to come in together..
Kim went to labor first (early, but just by a few weeks) and delivered her son by […]

18 Aug 07 Todd

My First Blog..

I’ve just spent time setting up the site again.. and it’s not as hard as you’d think it is with all this stuff…
In my personal life.. i’m still in love with a great person.. we’ve decided to take it easy with one another.. and maybe one day it will re-emerge as a beautiful and happy […]

14 Aug 07 Todd

Welcome to

Welcome to the Raymer Family website. This was produced mainly for the descendants of Howard Elmore Raymer and their families and friends.. most of these people live in or around Nashville TN.
This site has been under operation for about 10 years now, having gone thru many incarnations.
Currently we have many different parts […]

01 Jan 00 Todd